Free Resources for Video Editing

Free Resources for Video Editing


More and more people now start to make videos on social media and internet and that’s why high-qualified resources become more important. Some people might think that it’s difficult to find free stock for creation. In this blog we will show you some links where we can find multiple resources for video editing.

Stock Image:

When you make videos, maybe you need some photos as a background, a sticker or something. Here are some nice websites of stock photos and vectors where you can find multiple royalty-free images for your videos:

Stock Video:

For some influencers, specially those who make explainer videos, stock videos of different scenarios are very necessary to make thier opinios more clear. How can we find different video resources when we make a video? Go to the following sites and take a look next time you need.

Stock Video Effects:

Sometimes we need to add some special effects for the video to make it more attractive but we have no idea about how to do something like that. What could we do? Don’t worry, there are professional websites that provides plenty of motion graphics templates and video effects of different styles, don’t miss them.

Stock Audio:

Don’t forget the stock music for your video. Most of the time if we use the music downloaded from the social media platforms, there’s usually a risk of copyright infrigement. The most secure way is looking for the royalty-free audio resources on stock sites and here’s the list:

Anyway, stock websites help us to get the cllection of resources and we can easily find nice free stock for our creation by using these sites so that we will have more time to think about the new ideas. When you need some resources for your video, just don’t forget the stock websites.


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