Best Sites for Free Stock Photos (Updated for 2022)

free stock photos

Looking for beautiful and royalty-free photos for your post and blog? In this article we will share with you some top stock  websites where to find hith-qualified stock photos and images. Let’s get started!


Canva provides a very wide variety of resource categories for users to choose from. What’s more, it’s more than just a stock website. There’s a workbench on canva and it’s possibile to create your own photos, ppt files, posters and even videos.


Price:Free/12.99USD Monthly/119.99USD Yearly

Learn more about Canva >>



Hipik is a comprehensive material website, providing a variety of resources including photos, vector graphics, illustrations, videos, video effects, etc. Especially the stock videos and effects are very professional and high- qualified. If you need specific video effects o motion graphics templates, Hipik is highly reccomanded.


Price:Free/14.9USD Monthly/79.9USD Yearly

Learn more about Hipik >>



Freepik is well-known for its great search engine whose filters can precisely match search terms and show the most suitable results. The website offers both free and paid resources.


Price:Free/14.99USD Monthly/119.99USD Yearly

Get more wallpapers on Freepik >>


Adobe Stock

As official stock website of Adobe, all the resources of this website are compatible with Adobe software. If you are a creator, you an also upload here your work and share it to others. Don’t miss it.


Price: Multiple plans start at 29.99 USD/ Month

Learn more about Adobe Stock>>



iStock is a professional stock website which provides images and videos. Users can download 10 free images for a free trial.


Price: Multiple plans start at 29USD/ Month

Learn more about iStock>>



Shutterstock offers licensed stock images but you can download 10 photos for free as a free trial. The photo resources can be used for both personal and business projects.


Price: Multiple plans start at 49USD/ Month

Learn more about Shuterstock>>



Pexels is a free website that offers royalty-free resources. All the photos here are available to everyone.


Price: Free

Learn more about Pexels>>



Unplash provides royalty-free images. And just like Pexels, all the resources here are free to use.


Price: Free

Learn more about Unplash>>



Pixabay offers free photos with high quality. It is similar with Pexels in many ways.


Price: Free

Learn more about Pixabay>>


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