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The bathtub is full of soap and flowers floating in the water, and the feet are immersed in it, presenting as a detox foot bath icon. Relax your feet and have a spa treatment at home.
Three generations together, washing feet
Modern interior. A place to relax in front of the window. On the edge of the bookshelf. Sketch style for vector illustration.
Relax and successful businesspeople relax in the cloud and dream cars. Save money and invest. Future financial management ideas
Office worker relax
Emoji, doze, sleep, dream, rest, relax, boredom, low energy, doze vector illustration
Emoji, sleepy, sleeping, dreaming, rest, relax, bored, low energy, sleepy vector illustration
Relax creative people in indoor meeting. 3D isometric collaborative work and team collaboration vector concept
People eat pizza in cafes or pizzerias, chat, communicate, and relax together after get off work