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Close-up of a pile of pillows in a black and white cage. A pile of pillows on a shelf. This store sells modern grey plaid pillows. textiles. Home decor. Comfortable house. Decorative pillow isolation
Colorful Sri Lankan scarves, clothes and textiles
Silk fabric background, blue satin cloth waves, abstract flowing wave textiles
Housekeeping, sewing, vintage concept. A bright perfectly symmetrical and horizontal pattern captures the look on a bedspread sewn at home with different fabrics
Sewing, patchwork and fashion concepts - beautiful and colorful quilts are neatly folded and stored in rows, selling textile sewn products on a white background
People are picking up colorful clothes at a traditional Moroccan market (open-air market) in Marrakech, Morocco
Top view photo of many colorful bright flowers scattered in soft pink textiles and textured background
Blue cushions are stacked on the wooden sofa with white walls.
Look through the empty vase.
Wrench in worker's jeans pocket. closed.
Eco-friendly natural cleaner made with lemon and baking soda on white wooden table
Patterns, colors, fashion concepts. Highlighted colorful fractal patterns made of quadrilaterals with abstract images of petals, flowers and plants
Traditional handmade products made of natural fibers
Concept of relaxation, comfort, rest. Stacked from four different rags rolled into tubes in different colors. The top one is blue and decorated with images of flowers and petals
Modern master bedroom with air conditioning
Easter decorated white ceramic vase with a bouquet of lagurus bunny quail eggs and textiles on isolated white background with copyspace top view photo
Empty tabletop with linen tablecloth in blurred cafe with bokeh background, replicating space for food and product display montage background
Pink heart on pink background. The base color of textiles is pink
Close-up rough leather texture from cover