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Children and parents plant young trees on black soil
Cut down old trees
Forest stumps and old trees
Golden rain trees, cassia seeds, beautiful yellow flowers and green leaves in a Thai garden.
Beautiful spring scenery. Summer morning nature. The sun shines on the grass. Willow trees on the river bank. Pastoral in the morning. Peaceful scenery. Reflection of the tree in the water. Swamp. Grass in the water
White coconut trees in the background
Bright starry sky background with lights and silhouettes of trees
White dandelion. Beautiful spring view. Morning mist pervades the river. The nature of summer. The sun shines on the grass. Willow trees on the river bank. Morning pastoral. Peaceful landscape
Streets lined with trees in West Hampstead, London
Christmas background. Three shiny Christmas trees on a red background.
Orchard trees, lime for protection
Dead trees
Solitary flowers blooming around old trees
The growth of the city is among the trees, against a dark background, the space of natural space.
Close-up of a very old man, arms crossed, sitting at a table with green trees blurred background, selective focus
Cows, meadows and flowering trees in Switzerland
Backlit trees in morning fog in grass at sunrise
Trees in mixed forests during defoliation
Beautiful winding country roads shaded by old trees
At dusk, the Long Beach coastline is surrounded by palm trees